Help us help animals by becoming a member of SPA Canada.

Becoming a SPA Canada member means becoming part of the solution. It's:

  • Lobbying in your name, giving SPA Canada more political clout when exchanging with elected representatives,
  • Becoming pro-active against animal cruelty
  • Enabling us to do long term projects like undercover investigations and shutting down puppy mills because we can count on a stable income
  • Adding another voice to the many who condemn animal cruelty,
  • Enabling SPA Canada to speak out on behalf of a greater number of citizens, voters and consumers,
  • Helping to draft new laws to regulate animal pounds, puppy mills, and the mistreatment of animals in general,
  • Getting involved in saving thousands of animals living in horrendous conditions,
  • Saving lives.

Animal cruelty can be brought to an end

SPA Canada needs your financial support for its long-term projects aimed at amending the municipal and provincial legislation governing pounds, puppy mills, euthanasia and the fate of abandoned animals.

While one-time donations are obviously appreciated, SPA Canada is particularly in need of regular monthly support, regardless of how small the amount. SPA Canada must and is determined to change things by doing even more. To do so, it needs regular donations that will allow it to plan the next steps in its core initiatives.

The animals don't have a voice to speak for them. They need yours.



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Terms and Conditions

For more information, please contact SPA Canada at 613-875-7721 / 514-808-7330
or via the internet at

- Yes, you can become a member of SPA Canada if you are not a Canadian citizen

We do not rent, sell or trade the personal information of our global donors.